SB-SOM: Li-Poly Battery

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SB-SOM Battery support

SB-SOM top view
SB-SOM top view
SB-SOM bottom view
SB-SOM bottom view

SB-SOM battery support is implemented with the Texas instruments BQ24161 power-path and battery charger. The battery should be connected to the system through the P19 Battery connector. Any battery complying with the requirements described in BQ24161 documentation can be used.

System Power

The system-on-module at main power source connector P1 (referred to as VSYS in SoM documentation and VCC_CM in SB-SOM schematics) is determined by available power sources as shown in the table below.

DC power on connector J6 or J8 Li-Poly Battery on connector P19 VCC_CM / VSYS source
Connected N/A. SB-SOM BQ_INSRC rail
N/A. Connected Directly from Battery
Connected Connected Directly from Battery

Admolition note.png When using a battery, the user must make sure that battery voltage is always within the recommended main (VSYS in most cases) voltage range of system-on-module.

Battery charging

SB-SOM is capable of charging the main battery whenever both the DC power source and Battery are present. Battery charging process is autonomous and can be monitored by software through the BQ24161 I2C interface. Please refer to SB-SOM schematics for additional details.
LED DS1 indicates battery charging is in progress.

More Details: Connector P19, Connector J6, Connector J8.

Tested Batteries

All evaluation kits with battery support are tested at Compulab with the following battery:

  • Description: Lithium Ion Polymer battery, 97 x 55 mm, 10 W/h. with SB-SOM compatible connector.
  • Specification: Battery datasheet is available for download here.
  • Purchasing: The battery is available for purchase directly from Compulab and is referred to as BAT10 on the Compulab accessories page