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SB-SOM top view
SB-SOM top view
SB-SOM bottom view
SB-SOM bottom view

Connector P19 is the main battery connector. P19 is available only if your board supports one or more of the following:

  1. Battery powered operation.
  2. Battery charging from a DC power supply.
  3. USB battery charging.

Admolition note.png Some of the system functions might not be available when powered from a battery.
Admolition note.png Please refer to SB-SOM carrier board schematics and system-on-module hardware reference manual for pin functions, connector pinout and other details on your specific system.

More Details: Battery Specification.

Connector Data

P19 connector
Manufacturer MFG P/N
Molex 087438-0343
P19 mating connector (typical)
Manufacturer MFG P/N
Molex 87439-0300