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SB-SOM top view
SB-SOM top view
SB-SOM bottom view
SB-SOM bottom view

P23 is a 4pin 100mil header designed to allow easy evaluation of CAN bus functionality. P23 is available with all SB-SOM carrier board configurations (board rev1.2 or later).

P23 serves two functions (simultaneously):

  1. Allows translation of system-on-module CAN interface signals (usually RX and TX signals at TTL levels) into the CAN_H and CAN_L signals ready for connection to a CAN bus node (CAN physical level) as instructed below:
    1. Connect system-on-module CAN TX (output) signal should to pin P23-1 using a jumper wire.
    2. Connect system-on-module CAN RX (input) signal should to pin P23-4 using a jumper wire.
    System-on-module CAN interface signals (CAN RX and CAN TX) are in most cases accessible through one of the below SB-SOM connectors:
    1. Connector P4
    2. Connector P5
    3. Connector P11
    4. Connector P18
  2. Allows enabling/disabling SB-SOM onboard CAN bus termination resistance (120Ω) as instructed below.
    • Populate a jumper cap shorting pins P23-3 and P23-2 to enable CAN bus termination.
    • Remove jumper cap from pins P23-3 and P23-2 to disable CAN bus termination.

Admolition note.png Please refer to SB-SOM carrier board schematics and system-on-module hardware reference manual for pin functions, connector pinout and other details on your specific system.

More Details: Connector P4, Connector P5, Connector P11, Connector P18.

Connector Data

P23 connector
Manufacturer MFG P/N
Jih_Vei_Electronics 21B1164-04S10-01G-6/3 {ROHS}