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SB-SOM top view
SB-SOM top view
SB-SOM bottom view
SB-SOM bottom view

P11 is a 100mil header (output) allowing connection and simple wire-up of an LVDS display panel to the system. P11 is available with all SB-SOM carrier board configurations/revisions. Interface accessible through connector P11 is in most cases derived from either the "LVDS" or the "PDISP" system-on-module pins. Two of the most common implementations are shown below:

  1. An LVDS interface implemented onboard system-on-module.
  2. A parallel RGB interface implemented onboard system-on-module is converted into LVDS interface onboard SB-SOM.

Only one of the following SB-SOM display interfaces can be driven with the system-on-module parallel RGB interface at a time. Driving more than one of the below simultaneously is in most cases unsupported.

  • A DVI/HDMI display at J5.
  • An LVDS display at connector P11 (if implemented through parallel RGB interface with your specific SB-SOM board).
  • An LCD display at P10.

Admolition note.png Selection of the parallel RGB interface path (DVI/LVDS/LCD) must be implemented through system-on-module software.
Admolition note.png Please refer to SB-SOM carrier board schematics and system-on-module hardware reference manual for pin functions, connector pinout and other details on your specific system.

More Details: connector J5, connector P10.

Connector Data

P11 connector
Manufacturer MFG P/N
Jih_Vei_Electronics B2264-24S10-01G {ROHS}