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This page contains links to information about Linux kernels, packages and software development for CM-T3530 modules.

CompuLab Linux support for CM-T3530 includes modifications of Linux kernel and an example file system image based on Angstrom Linux. It is possible to use other embedded Linux distributions and environments with CM-T3530. The CM-T3530 platform is supported in OpenEmbedded. ARM Debian and ARM Ubuntu ports should also work on CM-T3530.

T35 CM top.JPG


Linux kernel for CM-T3530 updates
- Updated kernel to stable 3.0.87
- Added Aptina (Micron) MT9T031 3MP camera sensor support
- Added TI TVP5151 (NTSC) decoder support on VIP-ADP board
- Added DataImage SCF0403526GGU20 LCD panel support
- Added Himax HX8526-A multi-touch touch screen support
Angstrom Linux image updates
- Updated to version angstrom-2010.x
- Updated multiple articles to comply with the new Linux package
Linux kernel 2.6.32 for CM-T3530 updates
- Added CB-T3 base board (EM-T35) support
- Added PWM support
- Added PWM based backlight support
- Enabled RTC backup battery charging
- Extended the CM-T3530 ALSA SoC module
- Fixed Toppoly LCD wake-up issue
Angstrom Linux image updates
- Added support for CM-T3530 ALSA SoC
- Added support for CB-T3 LED
- Fixed backlight auto-sleep issue
Linux kernel 2.6.32 for CM-T3530 updates
- Added OTG support
- Added battery monitoring support
- Added video capture support
- Added power management support
Angstrom Linux image updates
- Added ALSA mixer default state
- Added support for video decoding
Initial release of Angstrom Linux for CM-T3530