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This page contains up to date information about Android packages and software development for the CompuLab CM-FX6 System-on-Module / Computer-on-Module.



- Added Accessing OS interfaces article covering O/S and H/W interfaces
16-Dec-2014: cm-fx6-jb-14.12.1 released
Jelly Bean 4.3
- upgrade Freescale code base to the latest Jelly Bean release - IMX6_JB43_111
- enable Phison SATA SSD module (along with SanDisk)
- enhance SATA power management
- apply selection of kernel patches fixing bugs and enhancing stability
4-Nov-2014: cm-fx6-jb-14.11.1 released
Jelly Bean 4.3
- enable routing audio to S/PDIF
- fix bug in ADS7846 touchscreen kernel driver
- support m25px16 SPI flash ROM
- fix rare cpu stalls in boundary temperature conditions
- switch automatic suspend policy to stay awake while charging by default
21-May-2014: cm-fx6-jb-14.05.1 released
Jelly Bean 4.3 update
- Support Bluetooth
- Pre-install Google Play and Services
- Updated busybox and u-boot tools
- Enable root access via ADB
21-May-2014: cm-fx6-ics-14.05.1 released
Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4 update for SB-FX6 rev. 1.1
- Support hardware HOME button
- Support I2C bus multiplexing
- Bugfix in power management
03-Apr-2014: cm-fx6-jb.14.04 released
Android upgrade to Jelly Bean 4.3, based on Android for Sabre SD by Freescale.
- Full feature parity with Ice Cream Sandwich is planned for forthcoming releases.
06-Jul-2013: cm-fx6-android.13.07 released
Android/Linux kernel updates:
- Added LCD display support
- Added CAN bus support
- Added analog audio support
- Added resistive touch screen support
06-Mar-2013: cm-fx6-android.13.02.1 released
- Hotfix: EEPROM test disabled (caused the EEPROM to clear).
14-Feb-2013: cm-fx6-android.13.02 released
Initial Android package release for CM-FX6 based on Android 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) for Sabre SD by Freescale