CM-FX6: Android: Serial console connection

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By default, the serial console provides access to

  • kernel console
  • bootloader command line interface

Kernel console

The kernel console with full root access, provides the most powerful access gate to the CM-FX6 module.

Bootloader command line interface

Prior to kernel boot, the serial console provides the U-Boot bootloader command line interface, which enables modification of kernel boot arguments.
Upon power on, U-Boot performs a short countdown (default 3 seconds), prior to proceeding to kernel boot.
Press ENTER to stop the countdown, and access the command line interface. Type in boot to proceed to kernel boot.

Connecting to serial console

The serial console is routed to the P60 RS232 jack on the SB-FX6 base board.
The line speed is 115200 bps.

Below provided directions for configuring IVT VT220 in Windows:

  • Launch IVT VT220.
  • In transport protocol, choose "Serial" with the following settings:
    • Portname: ComX (X is the serial port number used. The port number can be found in Windows Device Manager in the ports section).
    • Baud rate: 115200
    • Parity: None
    • Data bits: 8
    • Stop bits: 1
      CM T35 IVT Create Session Window.jpg.jpg
  • Press the "Setup" button.
  • The "IVT Setup System" window opens. Press the serial settings button.
    CM T35 IVT Setup System Window.jpg
  • In the Serial Setup window, choose the following settings:
    CM T35 IVT Serial Setup Window.jpg
  • Save the settings.