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The CompuLab CM-FX6 System-on-Module / Computer-on-Module is using U-Boot boot-loader for low-level initializations and operating system loading. U-Boot is an open source firmware for wide range of embedded systems (e.g. PowerPC, ARM, MIPS, x86, ColdFire, AVR32, NIOS, etc.). On this page we will discuss only features and use cases related to CompuLab CM-FX6 module. For more information on U-Boot, please refer to Official U-Boot Homepage.



18-Oct-2015, CM-FX6 U-Boot release
U-Boot 2015.07-cm-fx6-3 release:
- Add support for loading splash image from filesystem formatted mmc, usb, and sata storage
- Add CM-FX6 h/w revision output
- Update code base to 2015.07
- Improve USB keyboard support
- Fixed SD card detect issue for Utilite (SB-FX6m) revision < 1.3
U-Boot 2014.10-cm-fx6-2.2 release:
- Fix NAND read issue
- Fix MMC read issue
- Fix USB OTG host setup on i.MX6D based modules
U-Boot 2014.10-cm-fx6-2.1 release:
- Add HDMI support
- Add HDMI splash screen
- Add framebuffer console
- Add USB keyboard support
U-Boot 2014.04-cm-fx6-1.3 release:
- Add USB and NAND to the default OS boot sequence
- Fix Phison SSD detection
- Fix 1GB DRAM detection on i.MX solo modules
U-Boot 2014.04-cm-fx6-1.2 release:
- Fix USB detection issue
- Fix boot sequence for some first Utilite units
U-Boot 2014.04-cm-fx6-1.1 release:
- Improve SATA disks coverage
- Enable 3Gb/s SATA operation
Added CM-FX6: U-Boot: Creating a bootable SD card article
Initial release of U-Boot for CM-FX6
U-Boot 2014.04-cm-fx6-1 supports:
- MMC/SD Card
- SPI flash
- Ethernet
- NAND flash
- SATA and on-board SSD
- USB host and USB OTG in host mode
- Multiple I2C buses
- Green LED
- Fix NAND detection issue found in older U-Boot versions