CM-FX6: U-Boot: Creating a bootable SD card

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CM-FX6 system-on-module uses SPI flash as its main boot storage. In addition to the on-board SPI flash, the CM-FX6 can also boot from an SD card. This article describes the preparation and boot process using an SD card.

SD card requirements

Prior to installing the CM-FX6 firmware on an SD card, make sure that:

  • The SD card partitions do not start in the first 1MB of the SD card. Otherwise, the partitions may be overwritten by this procedure.
  • The partitioning is not done using GPT. Otherwise, the GPT data above 1K (from start of SD card) will be overwritten by this procedure.

Installing firmware on an SD card

The firmware can be installed on an SD card using a workstation with an SD card reader.

  • Insert the SD card into the workstation card reader
  • The SD card will be identified as /dev/sdX, where X is the SD card drive letter.
  • Run the following command:
dd if=cm-fx6-firmware of=/dev/sdX bs=1K skip=1 seek=1 oflag=dsync

Booting from an SD card

  • Plug the SD card into the SDIO3(BOOT) SD card socket of the SB-FX6
  • Hold the BOOT SELECT (SW5) button while resetting/powering on the CM-FX6 evaluation system
  • The CM-FX6 will boot from the SD card

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