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SB-SOM top view
SB-SOM top view
SB-SOM bottom view
SB-SOM bottom view

P7 is a standard microUSB2.0 connector designed to enable serial console communication between the system and your host PC using the USB interface. The following parameters determine whether serial console through P7 is enabled.

  1. USB host power availability (through USB cable at connector P7).
  2. Jumper E3 setting.

LED DS3 indicates whether the USB console interface is enabled.

Admolition note.png Please refer to USB console guide for setup of serial communication with your board through USB.
Admolition note.png Please refer to SB-SOM carrier board schematics and system-on-module hardware reference manual for pin functions, connector pinout and other details on your specific system.

Connector Data

P7 connector
Manufacturer MFG P/N
Walta D03-0718-05002
P7 mating plugs
Manufacturer MFG P/N
standard micro-USB2.0 plug