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SB-SOM top view
SB-SOM top view
SB-SOM bottom view
SB-SOM bottom view

Connector P16 is a standard miniPCIe connector. Connector P16 is populated with all SB-SOM assembly configurations. P16 enables operation of following types of devices with the system:

  1. mini PCI-Express form factor PCI-Express endpoint devices.
    • PCI-Express devices are supported if PCI-Express interface is available at pins 125, 127, 131 and 133 of system-on-module.
  2. miniPCIe form factor USB devices (such as cellular modems).
    • USB devices are supported at connector P16 if the SB-SOM USB hub upstream port is implemented with system-on-module.
    • Jumper E7 setting determines whether USB interface is accessible at connector P16.
    • LED DS6 indicates whether USB interface is accessible at connector P16.
    • When a cellular modem is snapped into connector P16, a standard micro-SIM card can be interfaced with the modem through connector P13 (micro-SIM socket).

Admolition note.png Please refer to SB-SOM carrier board schematics and system-on-module hardware reference manual for pin functions, connector pinout and other details on your specific system.

More Details: Connector P13.

Connector Data

P16 connector
Manufacturer MFG P/N comment
Lotes AAA-PCI-049-K01_B 4mm height
Lotes AAA-PCI-046-K01 5.6mm height
Molex 48338-0099 9.9mm height
P16 mating plugs
Manufacturer MFG P/N
Standard mini PCI-Express edge connector