IOT-GATE-IMX8PLUS: Getting Started

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Quick Setup

  • Connect a USB cable between host PC and IOT-GATE-IMX8PLUS micro-USB console connector.
  • Insert the AC power-supply blade into the power supply unit.
  • Insert the power supply plug into the IOT-GATE-IMX8PLUS DC input jack. Turn the power plug clockwise to lock the plug.
  • On your host PC, start a terminal emulation program (such as Tera Term or PuTTy) with the following serial port settings:
Baud Rate Data Bits Stop Bits Parity Flow Control
115200 8 1 none none
  • Plug the power supply unit into an AC outlet. IOT-GATE-IMX8PLUS will turn on and boot into Linux.
  • To login into Linux use "compulab" as username and set the password per first login instructions.
Admolition note.png Initial login prompt is not accessible on HDMI monitor (GUI terminal)


Front panel

Iot-gate-imx8plus front-panel.png

Back panel

Iot-gate-imx8plus back-panel.png

Left and Right panels

Iot-gate-imx8plus left-right-panel.png

Default antenna connector assignment

Connector Function
WiFi-A / BT Wifi / Bluetooth antenna
WiFi-B Secondary Wifi antenna
WWAN Main LTE antenna
AUX Auxiliary GNSS antenna

Service bay

Iot-gate-imx8plus service-bay.png

SIM card installation

  • Remove the screw from the SIM/PROG tray-cover
  • Insert a SIM removal tool into the cover popping hole to pop the tray-cover
  • Place the SIM into the tray
  • Carefully push the tray-cover back in
  • Close the SIM/PROG cover screw (optional)
Iot-gate-rpi4 sim-tray-cover.png

Additional Resources

Useful How-To Videos

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