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This page contains links to information related to the Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3 demo package for the EM-X270

CompuLab Windows CE support includes a ready to run demo image, an SDK that enables application development, and a BSP that allows you to customize the run-time image



8-Apr-2010 (Release: 1.01.2719)
  • Fixed RTC synchronization issue during Suspend/Resume cycles
  • Added support for the unique Bluetooth MAC address (burned during CompuLab production) for each EM-X270.
  • Added the new demo image versioning policy (1.01.SVN release)
  • Added the new Updater for the Eval Kit installation
  • Rebuilt with WinCE 6.0 R3 including the Silverlight support
  • Added support for the SDHC Memory Cards
  • Added support for the debug messages control via U-Boot environment
  • Added advanced functionality to the Image Updater, including batch script processing (xml based) and update of Nk.bin only
  • Changed the Demo Distribution binary format to NK.bin, in order to allow post processing of NK.bin by the customer
  • Fixed Image Updater NAND Flash recognition issues
  • Fixed Constant Voltage charging issues
  • Fixed internal RTC accuracy
  • Fixed GPS power up sequence for Rev 1.3 and higher
  • Document reformatted
  • Added Demo Distribution versioning support
  • Added support for EM-X270 Rev 1.3 and higher
- Added support for Marvell 8686 SPI Wi-Fi
- Updated ComConfig control panel applet to support different Wi-Fi types (NXP BGW200 or Marvell GSPI8686)
  • Moved to Microsoft FAL/FMD Flash Driver model
- Added FMD support into EM-X270-Updater
- Added FMD support into bootloader – U-Boot/Eboot combination is used to boot/debug WinCE
  • Added support for EM-X270 Rev 1.3 and higher
  • Fixed GPRS/GSM startup issues for Rev 1.2 and higher
  • Fixed rare 22 min system freezes
  • Fixed rare Software Reset freezes
  • Updated NAND Flash driver flush timings to improve stability
  • Updated battery driver for Constant Voltage charging functionality
  • Updated touch screen driver to use pen down interrupt generated by the codec (instead of polling)
  • Added GSM demo dialer application, in "Start >> Programs >> Demo Dialer"
  • Added GPRS demo dialer in "Start >> Settings >> Network and Dialup >> GPRS"
  • Added "wpower.exe" subproject utility for command line control of the wireless devices power state
  • Added automatic wireless devices power state preserving during reboot (with wpower.exe utility)
  • Added functionality for AutoLaunch subproject (mostly for internal BSP use)
  • Cleaned to pass Windows CE 6.0 CETK BSP certification
  • Fixed battery charging issues
  • Fixed CPU clock speed setting on return from suspend mode
  • Fixed keypad behavior when button is pressed for a long period of time
  • Fixed Wireless Config control panel applet
- WLAN does not load on startup by default
- Power on/off control for all wireless devices
  • Fixed power consumption in Suspend mode (total power down of all devices)
  • Fixed Debug messages disappearing after Suspend/Resume cycle
  • Fixed spurious wakeup from sleep, while on battery power
  • Switching to FIXTICK system timer model for greater system stability
  • Added power control for EM-X270 default LCD.
  • Added USB OTG capability
  • Added SPI driver
  • Added SPI Thermometer sample (Demo Applications\SPI_Thermometer)
  • Added Deployment Functionality for the LiveDisk Updater
  • Added \Docs\EM-X270 Deployment Guide.doc
  • Added Bluetooth Evaluation Section
  • Added GPRS/GSM Evaluation Section
  • Added GPS Evaluation Section
  • Updated EM_X270_SDK.
  • Demo Distribution was rebuilt using WinCE 6.0 R2
  • Added Serial port support
  • Added Wireless Config control panel applet
  • Added U-Boot command line support
  • Added GPIOSample at \Demo Applications\GPIOSample
  • Added I2Csample at \Demo Applications\I2Csample
  • Added RTC Alarm Sample at \Demo Applications\RTCResume
  • First Release of Win CE 6.0 for EM-X270