EM-X270: WinCE: Getting Started

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Image Installation

In order to install Windows CE 6.0 CompuLab demo image perform the following steps:

  • Download Windows CE run-time image package from CompuLab website
  • Copy the contents of LiveDisk directory from this package to a USB flash drive.
  • Insert the USB flash drive into “USB-A to mini-USB” adapter supplied with the EM-X270 evaluation kit, and connect the other side of the adapter to the EM-X270 card.
  • Power up the EM-X270 while holding down the suspend/resume button for a few seconds. A good indication of the proper installation process start can be the blinking of USB flash drive activity led.
  • An Updater image (dedicated Windows CE image) is loaded from the USB flash drive. Updater image boot time is approximately 50 seconds.
  • The Updater utility will start automatically. The utility will install the run-time image onto the EM-X270 NAND flash (approximately 2 minutes).
CM T35 Updater Running.jpg
  • The Updater utility will automatically reboot the EM-X270 upon successful completion.
  • CompuLab Windows CE demo image will be loaded from the NAND flash.
EM X270 Updater Finished.jpg

Installation Troubleshooting

If you experience any problem during the installation read the Installation Troubleshooting section.

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