EM-X270 Linux

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This page contains links to information about Linux kernels, packages and software development for EM-X270 device.

  • 29-Dec-2008
Linux kernel updates
- Added support for PXA Quick Capture interface
- Added support for PXA frame buffer overlay
- Fixed battery detection
Angstrom Linux package updates
- Added camera example application
- Added U-Boot environment utility
- Updated image generation utilities
  • 4-Nov-2008
Linux kernel updated to 2.6.26
Added support for Wi2Wi W2SW0001 wireless LAN (based on Marvell 8686 chipset)
  • 3-Jan-2008
Added Wireless LAN driver
Added partitions on EM-X270 NOR flash
Added support for VGA display
Added support for GPRS data calls
Fixed updater application to allow proper setup after Windows CE
Fixed minor bug in charger driver
  • 14-Nov-2007
Initial release of Angstrom Linux for EM-X270
  • 9-Oct-2007
Basic support for EM-X270 is merged into mainline Linux kernel 2.6.23