CM-iTC: WES2009: Image Creation And Deployment

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This article contains instructions for creation and deployment of the Windows Embedded Standard 2009 (WES2009) image on the CM-iTC module. The WES2009 Board Support Package contains the components necessary for creation of the WES2009 image.

Installation Prerequisites

Importing Components with Component Database Manager

Open WES2009 Component Database Manager and import the following components:

  • iTC_Audio.sld - Contains the Audio Driver for the CM-iTC.
  • iTC_Chipset.sld - Contains the SCH and the IO Drivers for the CM-iTC.
  • iTC_Ethernet.sld - Contains the Ethernet Driver for the CM-iTC.
  • iTC_Video.sld - Contains the Video Driver (IEMGD) for the CM-iTC.

Admolition note.png If the Component Database Manager does not open in "Exclusive" mode, you should close the Target Designer and the Component Designer and restart the Component Database Manager.

Once loaded, the CM-iTC components will show up in their respective folders in the Component Browser window in the Target Designer and they can be used like any other components.

Building WES2009 image with Target Designer

A new WES2009 Image can be built by using the following procedure:

  1. Load the iTC_WES2009_Sample_Project.slx file.
  2. Add or remove individual components according to system requirements.
  3. Resolve Dependencies:
    1. Enable the dependencies auto-resolve option in Target Designer (Tools >> Options >> Dependency Check).
    2. Run the “Check Dependencies” command (Configurations >> Check Dependencies).
  4. Build the Target Image (Configurations >> Build Target Image).

Deploying the WES2009 Image on the SATA Storage Device

  1. Connect the target SATA Storage Device to the development computer.
  2. Format the target SATA Storage Device with NTFS and make it active.
  3. Copy the contents of the WES2009 release directory created by Target Designer into the active partition of the SATA Storage Device.
  4. Connect the SATA Storage Device to the CM-iTC.
  5. Boot from the SATA Storage Device. The CM-iTC will boot in FBA mode.
  6. Use “Administrator” login without password to log on.
  7. Press OK on “Select NetWare Logon” menu.

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