CM-iTC: Linux: Getting started

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  • The Linux Package for CM-iTC includes a ready-to-run image that can be installed on SD-Card, attached SATA or USB storage device
  • Download and unzip the Linux Package for CM-iTC to the host PC
  • Ensure the integrity of the file:
$ md5sum


  • Prepare either an SD Card, a SATA disk or a USB storage device. It must have at least 8GB capacity.
  • Connect the storage device to the host PC.
  • Assuming your storage device was detected as /dev/sdb write the image on it:
$ gzip -dc /path/to/itc-linux/itc.mint13.8GB.dd.gz | sudo dd of=/dev/sdb bs=1MB
  • Connect the storage device to the CM-iTC and boot.

Welcome to Linux Mint 13 LTS

  • On first boot choose your language, timezone, username, password etc.

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