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This page contains links to information about Linux kernels, packages and software development for CM-X300 modules.

CompuLab Linux support for CM-X300 includes modifications of Linux kernel and example file system image based on ARM Debian Linux. It is possible to use other embedded Linux distributions and environments.



Linux Kernel 3.4.61 support for CM-X300
- Optimized power consumption in suspend
- Added IRQ_WAKEUP0 (PMIC_EXTWAKE) as a wakeup source
- Added support for Dialog USB charge pump
- Added support for PXA keypad
- Fixed frame buffer shift issue
- Fixed RTC functionality during low power mode
Debian filesystem image updates
- Various updates to the userspace Demo root file system image
Ramdisk image updates
- Updated ramdisk and boot script
Debian filesystem image upgraded to Debian Sid
Linux Kernel 2.6.31 support for CM-X300
- Added support for CM-X300 revision 1.3
- Added support for PXA310 SoC
- Added support for USB Host on PXA310
- Added LCD backlight support
- Added battery charger support
- Fixed MMC binding
Debian filesystem image updates
- Replaced Debian filesystem JFFS2 image with UBIFS image
Linux Kernel 2.6.26 for CM-X300 updates
- Added support for UBI volumes on the NAND flash
- Added support for V3020 RTC
- Improved boot time
Debian filesystem image updates
- The Debian filesystem JFFS2 image is converted to work on top of UBI volume
Initial release of Linux kernel 2.6.26 for CM-X300 and Debian Etch filesystem image