CM-T3x: WinCE: PowerVR Support

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This document explains how to set up the PowerVR for the CM-T3x.

Adding the PowerVR driver to the image

  1. Download the driver from: PowerVR
  2. Unzip the downloaded archive and to \WINCE600\PUBLIC (to create two subdirectories - PowerVR and PowerVR-SDK).
  3. The PowerVR ... should appear in the "Catalog Items View".
    CM T35 PowerVR Components.jpg
  4. Edit \WINCE600\PUBLIC\PowerVR\cebasecesysgen.bat (at about line 44) to "if /i not "%_TGTPROJ%"=="CM_T35_CE6" goto :SrcBld_3430"

Compiling the demo applications

The test applications source code is located in \WINCE600\PUBLIC\PowerVR-SDK.

  • Select “Open release Directory in Build Window” from the workspace Build Menu.

  • Set the SDKROOT to the type of demos/tutorials you want to build (e.g. set SDKROOT=%_WINCEROOT%\PUBLIC\PowerVR-SDK\xxxx where xxxx is OGLES1.1 OGLES2 OVG).

  • cd !SDKROOT!\<Demos or TrainingCourse>\<specific demo or training folder>\xxxx (where xxxx is OGLES1.1 OGLES2 OVG)

  • build -c

    Working with PowerVR

    The tutorials located in \PUBLIC\PowerVR-SDK\xxxx\TrainingCourse (where xxxx is OGLES1.1 OGLES2 OVG) provide a good reference.
    Review and read the comments in the files, these comments supply a good base for not only creating new code but also for studying the API.

    Admolition warning.png The PowerVR folders located in \PUBLIC might cause other BSPs located in WINCE600\PLATFORM to fail during the sysgen phase. You can copy the two sub-folders to a temporary folder and copy them back when needed.