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CAN bus utilities

The BerliOS Socket CAN package is an implementation of CAN protocols for Linux. It uses the Berkeley socket API, the Linux network stack and implements the CAN device drivers as network interfaces. In addition, the package provides user space utilities and test programs suggested as a reference for CAN interface evaluation and testing. The socketCAN package is available for downloading using SVN or HTTP protocols from the BerliOS Socket CAN SVN repository website.

Alternatively, there are well maintained sources of CAN utils available at Gitorious and Debian Git repositories. The last one was used to prepare Debian can-utils package and install it into CM-T3517 example file system.

Graphics SDK

CM-T3517 features PowerVR SGX GPU providing 2D / 3D graphics acceleration with OpenGL-ES and OpenVG support. The Graphics SDK version includes the Linux graphics (SGX) drivers, OpenGLES1.1, OpenGLES2.0 and OpenVG demos for all TI platforms. The CM-T3517 Linux package contains pre-built graphics kernel modules and graphics demo applications. If a custom Linux kernel must be created, the graphics kernel modules must be re-built in order to avoid versioning issues.

Building Graphics SDK

cd /path/to/Graphics/SDK/4/08/00/01/
patch -p1 < /path/to/cm-t3517-linux/extra/Graphics_SDK_4_08_00_01/graphics_sdk_04_08_00_01-cm-t3517-3.patch
  • Setup the environment variables by editing the Rules.make file. Set the following environment variables to appropriate values:
    • HOME=/path/to/Graphics/SDK/4/08/00/01/home/area.
    • CSTOOL_DIR=/path/to/cross-compiler
    • CSTOOL_PREFIX=<cross-compiler-name-prefix>
    • KERNEL_INSTALL_DIR=/path/to/cm-t3517/linux/kernel
    • TARGETFS_INSTALL_DIR=/path/to/cm-t3517/rootfs

Please refer to the build guide for more details.

  • Build the Graphics SDK:
make OMAPES=3.x all

For building graphics kernel modules only, please run the following command:

make OMAPES=3.x all_km
  • Install the Graphics SDK into the CM-T3517 rootfs:
sudo make OMAPES=3.x install

To install graphics kernel modules only:

sudo make OMAPES=3.x install_km
  • Boot up the CM-T3517 and run the SDK configuration script:
root@cm-debian:~# /etc/init.d/omap-demo

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