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Graphics SDK

The CompuLab CM-T335 System-on-Module / Computer-on-Module features PowerVR SGX GPU providing 2D / 3D graphics acceleration with OpenGL-ES and OpenVG support. The Graphics SDK version includes the Linux graphics (SGX) drivers, OpenGLES1.1, OpenGLES2.0 and OpenVG demos for all TI platforms. The CM-T335 Linux package contains pre-built graphics kernel modules and graphics demo applications. If a custom Linux kernel must be created, the graphics kernel modules must be re-built in order to avoid versioning issues.

Building Graphics SDK

  • Download the Graphics SDK
  • Install the SDK on a Linux host machine. Please refer to the installation guide for more details.
  • Setup the environment variables by editing the Rules.make file. Set the following environment variables to appropriate values:
    • HOME=/path/to/Graphics/SDK/4/10/00/01/home/area.
    • CSTOOL_DIR=/path/to/cross-compiler
    • CSTOOL_PREFIX=<cross-compiler-name-prefix>
    • KERNEL_INSTALL_DIR=/path/to/cm-t335/linux/kernel
    • TARGETFS_INSTALL_DIR=/path/to/cm-t335/rootfs

Please refer to the build guide for more details.

  • Build the Graphics SDK:
make OMAPES=8.x all

For building graphics kernel modules only, please run the following command:

make OMAPES=8.x all_km
  • Install the Graphics SDK into the CM-T335 rootfs:
sudo make OMAPES=8.x install

To install graphics kernel modules only:

sudo make OMAPES=8.x install_km
  • Boot up the CM-T335 and run the SDK configuration script:
root@cm-debian:~# /etc/init.d/335X-demo

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