CM-FX6: WEC7: U-Boot Programming

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The CM-FX6 comes pre-installed with the U-Boot boot loader. In order to start Windows Embedded Compact 7, the windows bootloader, E-Boot, must be loaded first. Once setup correctly, this step is automatic and should be transparent to users.
Take the following steps to program a CM-FX6 U-boot to run eboot

  • Connect the CM-FX6 to your desktop serial port with the cable supplied in the evaluation kit. If your desktop does not have a serial port, it is possible to use a standard USB to serial adapter.
  • Power on the device.
  • Hit any key to stop autoboot.
  • Type printenv for reading the preconfigured U-Boot environment variables. The following variable must be set in order to run Eboot:
run_eboot=mmc dev 2 && mmc rescan && mmc read 10042000 a 400 && go 10042000
  • If it is not there, use setenv for writing:
setenv run_eboot "mmc dev 2 && mmc rescan && mmc read 10042000 a 400 && go 10042000"
  • Set the bootcmd variable if you want to automatically run Eboot on startup:
setenv bootcmd "run run_eboot"
  • Save the environment by typing saveenv: