CL-SOM-iMX7: U-Boot: Basic environment configuration

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This article describes basic, CL-SOM-AM57x module specific, U-Boot environment configuration.

Enable the baseboard I2C BUS

Set the environment variable baseboard_i2c_enable one of the following values to enable the I2C bus of the base board:

  • yes
  • true (default)
  • 1

Display and console

The environment configurations regarding display and condole are described in a dedicated wiki article.

Device tree blob

Device tree blob file name. The variable fdtfile is updated automatically according to the detected base board:

  • SB-SOM: set to imx7d-sbc-imx7.dtb.
  • SBC-IOT or IOTG: set to imx7d-sbc-iot-imx7.dtb.
  • Other base board: set to imx7d-cl-som-imx7.dtb.

Manual setting of fdtfile prevents automatic setting.

Serial number

Module serial number is set automatically in variable serial#.
Manual setting of serial# prevents automatic setting.

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