SB-T35: Hardware: Revision Notes

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Rev 1.1 [Nov-2009]

  • Initial release

Rev 1.3 [Nov-2010]

  • Added support for CM-T3517.
  • Added CAN transceiver and isolator.
  • Added P25 connector for CAN interface.
  • Added support for two additional USB2.0 ports. Added connectors P23 and P25.
  • Added automatic main power source selection circuitry.
  • Added power path selector hot swap support.
  • Left and right channels swapped on audio-out connector J4.
  • Added automatic USB power supply selection. USB power source is automatically selected according to SB-T35 main power source.
  • Added automatic VCC_PER voltage selection circuit. SB-T35 automatically selects appropriate peripheral voltage source for both CM-T3530 and CM-T3517.
  • Added CompuLab Video Input connector P26.
  • Added a touch screen headers E11 and E12.
  • Backlight driver power source changed to VCC3_3 instead of VCC_CM.
  • Fixed DVI and LVDS synchronization signal connection.

Rev 1.41 [Nov-2012]

  • Removed P7 40-pin FPC connector
  • Added P27 50-pin FPC connector for compliance with following LCDs:
  • Anders DX4-D43A
  • Startec KD050C-1A-TP (through adapter)