IOT-GATE-RPi: Raspbian: Package contents

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Package contents


├── iot-gate-dt.deb
├── iot-gate-eth.deb
├── iot-gate-serial.deb
├── readme.txt
├── rpi3-modem.deb
├── rpi3-rtc.deb
└── version.txt


  • - A script which installs all deb packages.
  • iot-gate-dt.deb - A deb package that switches to the correct device tree.
  • iot-gate-eth.deb - A deb package that gives the ability to set up mac addresses for Ethernets.
  • iot-gate-serial.deb - A deb package that enables the use of the rear serial port.
  • rpi3-modem.deb - A deb package that sets up all of the dependencies needed for a cellular modem.
  • rpi3-rtc.deb - A deb package that enables the setup of the system clock from the hardware clock.
  • version.txt - The contents of the version.txt identifies the package version