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Linux for the CM-iAM/SB-iAM is based on Ubuntu 9.10. The Linux package for CM-iAM includes a ready-to-run NAND flash image and kernel sources.

In its initial state, the local NAND disk is empty. Use the EtherLink utility to download the NAND flash image from the TFTP server to the CM-iAM.

The EtherLink utility is an integrated part of the BIOS on the CM-iAM. The TFTP server should be installed and configured on a host-side computer.

TFTP server

Recommended TFTP servers:

  • “tftpd32 by Ph.Jounin” TFTP server for a Windows-based host (
  • A tftpd package for your distribution on a Linux-based host. For example tftpd-hpa on Ubuntu.

The following describes an example configuration on a Ubuntu 9.10 host machine:

  • Install required packages:
sudo apt-get install tftpd-hpa
  • The default directory location in which to store your TFTP files is /var/lib/tftpboot. You can chose an alternative location if you prefer. For now, set up the directory permissions of the TFTP server root directory:
sudo mkdir /var/lib/tftpboot
sudo chown nobody.nogroup /var/lib/tftpboot
sudo chmod 777 /var/lib/tftpboot
  • Open the TFTP server configuration file with your selected editor, for example nano:
sudo nano /etc/default/tftpd-hpa

Configure the tftpd-hpa service to run in daemon mode. Also, if you are using a custom TFTP directory, change /var/lib/tftpboot to the correct directory location.

#Defaults for tftpd-hpa
OPTIONS="-l -s /var/lib/tftpboot"
  • Start the TFTP init script.
sudo /etc/init.d/tftpd-hpa start
  • Place the NAND image files in the TFTP server`s storage directory.
cp /path/to/iam-linux-release/image/ubuntu.img* /var/lib/tftpboot


EtherLink enables fast binary transfers between a host computer and a target Computer-on-Module, through an Ethernet link. Network communication is based on the TFTP protocol. EtherLink can write or read back contents of the NAND flash to enable an o/s package’s installation/duplication, as well as write/read BIOS and Configuration Block.

Interactive activation through BIOS [F2] >>Advanced>> Start EtherLink menu.

The EtherLink menus are self-explanatory. The full menu tree of EtherLink is presented below. The value in parenthesis specifies the default of that parameter.

* 1.	Configure
* 1.1.	Use DHCP to obtain ip address for the device (Yes)
* 1.2.	Set static ip address for the device (
* 1.3.	Set subnet mask for the device (
* 1.4.	Set ip address of the tftp server (server-ip-address)
* 1.5.	Set NAND image file name (NAND-image-filename)
* 1.6.	Set bios image file name (bios-image-filename)
* 1.7.	Set configblock file name (configblock-image-filename)
* 1.8.	Set NAND image start sector (00000000h)
* 1.9.	Set NAND image end sector (ffffffffh)
* 1.A   Enable split (for nand size >2Gb)
* 3.	Download NAND image (from tftp://server-ip-address/NAND-image-filename - full image)
* 4.	Upload NAND image (to tftp://server-ip-address/NAND-image-filename - full image)
* 5.	Download bios image (from tftp://server-ip-address/bios-image-filename)
* 6.	Download configblock (from tftp://server-ip-address/bios-image-filename)
* 7.	Upload configblock (to tftp://server-ip-address/configblock-image-filename)
* 8.	Upload bios image (to tftp://server-ip-address/configblock-image-filename)
* 9.	Save configurations
* 10.	Quit EtherLink and reboot

NAND image download

Admolition note.png EtherLink will use first detected Ethernet port. In case you have both Eth1 and Eth2 use Eth1 (P4 connector).

Set up initial EtherLink configuration:

  • Power-On the CM-iAM.
  • Activate EtherLink through BIOS [F2] >>Advanced>> Start EtherLink menu.
  • Press [1] for configuration menu.
  • Press [4], set ip address of the TFTP server.
  • Press [5], set NAND image file name to “ubuntu.img“.
  • Check that the “Enable split“ option is enabled. If not - press [A] to enable it.
  • Press [0] to return to main menu.

Once the TFTP server and EtherLink are configured you can download the NAND image to the CM-iAM:

  • Press [3] to download the NAND image. Do not interrupt the host PC and CM-iAM until the process is complete.
    • "Processing cylinder X of Y" indicates the downloading progress.
  • Press [10] Quit EtherLink and reboot.

Boot from local NAND disk

Welcome to Ubuntu 9.10 Desktop, username: fit, password: 111111.

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