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Compulab Support Policies

  • Compulab provides engineering technical support via a dedicated ticketing system called Engineering Support Portal
  • Access to the support portal is available immediately following purchase of evaluation kit and project registration.
  • To receive your support account credentials please contact
  • Technical support is provided directly by Compulab R&D engineers responsible for hardware and software development of the supported product.
  • Support requests are automatically routed to the relevant Compulab engineer based on product type and request category.
  • Each project and product should use a separate support account for each entity. Within each support account, it is possible to add multiple "users" from your team.
  • For more detailed information about using the Engineering Support Portal, please refer to our Support Portal Help page.

Support Guidelines

To ensure a quick and accurate response from our support team, please follow the following guidelines when submitting a support ticket.

Specific Technical Question

  • Each ticket should focus on one clearly stated question.
  • For hardware (HW) and software (SW) inquiries, please provide explicit references to the instructions you are trying to implement.


  • For troubleshooting inquiries, please have an available Compulab evaluation board loaded with stock O/S image for comparison and reference.
  • Upload the logs as a separate text file rather than pasting them in the ticket body or providing them as a photo of the screen.

Problem Reporting or RMA

  • Include information about the product serial number, expected behavior, steps to reproduce the problem in our Lab, and any other relevant details.