COMEX-IC40D Intel Haswell COM Express Linux

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COMEX-IC40D is a standard PC on x86-64 architecture, you can install any recent Linux Distribution on it. CompuLab chosen Linux Mint distribution to demonstrate COMEX-IC40D capabilities, support for the COMEX-IC40D includes:

  • Modifications of the Linux Kernel
  • Example file system image based on Linux Mint distribution

The Linux Package for COMEX-IC40D includes a ready-to-run image that can be installed on SSD disk, mSATA card or USB storage device




10-Sep-2015, COMEX-IC40D Linux release
Initial release of Linux Mint 17.2 LTS for COMEX-IC40D
- Linux Kernel 3.16
- MATE Desktop Environment 1.10.0
- X Server 1.15.1