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This page contains links to information related to the Windows Embedded CE demo package for the CM-X300

The Windows CE package by Compulab supports a ready to run demo image, an SDK that enables application development, and a BSP that allows you to customize the run-time image


  • General notes:
- Built with QFE up to Feb 2011
- This release works with Uboot version 6.1 and above
  • Bug fixes:
- Fixed PMIC LDOs functionality
- Fixed battery charger state machine
- Fixed Updater bug
- Fixed Microphone default behavior
- Fixed Memory mapping layout
- Fixed codec initialization
- Fixed RTC initialization procedure when running without backup battery
- Added support for smaller frame buffer in Debug mode
  • Added/Changed features:
- Added support for SB-X300 rev 1.3
- Enhanced gpio driver functionality in order to support interaction with managed code applications
- Added EBoot functionality (silent mode support and SB-X300 revision detection)
- Reduced power consumption while the deivce is on "suspend" mode
- Added support for battery supervisor and charger (in SB-X300 1.3)
  • General notes:
- Built with QFE up to Jan 2010 R3
- This release works with Uboot version 5 and above
  • Bug fixes:
- Fixed Suspend/Resume cycle
- Fixed IP address handling
- Fixed power levels for the processor
- Fixed gpio driver crash in Updater
- Fixed external rtc driver
- Fixed power handling of bluetooth and wifi
- Fixed the wakeup service
- Fixed freeze problems when suspending
- Fixed interrupt mapping for FFUART
- Fixed SDK
- Changed thread priority for the UART
  • Added/Changed features:
- Added Sysconf read of alternate function
- Enabled L2 cache
- Changed LED heart bit rate
- GPIO83 puts the system to suspend
- Image does not set MAC address. Relies on address set by Uboot
- Splash screen support
- Added support for new Nand flashes
- Enabled ONKEY functionality of the PMIC
- Added kernel ioctl to sync with external rtc
- Changed the SDHC indexes to be fixed
- Added support for SSP1 controller
- Changed the SPI driver internals. API is still the same
- Adjusted Camera driver to agree with latest QFE
- Changed the update process to be more stable
- Added a reboot option in Eboot
- Frequency is set in Uboot
  • Fixed GPIO83 wakeup functionality
  • Fixed GPIOExtender interrupt handling bug
  • Fixed MAC Address not loaded from UBoot bug
  • Fixed MPEG4 playback issue
  • Added Eboot configuration through the image updater’s script mode
  • Added a Control Panel Applet to choose USB functionality for PXA310
  • Added a service that simulates user activity on resume to fix hang on resume bug
  • Added automatic detection of revision number (for revision 1.3 and above)
  • Added a “Run Once”-like mechanism on first boot
  • Added a Silverlight Demo Application
  • Generated a new SDK that supports Silverlight for embedded devices
  • This release was built using Windows CE 6.0 R3 and has the following items:
- Silverlight for Embedded devices
- Adobe Flash Lite ActiveX control for Internet Explorer
- Gestures support
  • Added Bluetooth functionality support for PXA310
  • Fixed Green LED functionality in Suspend mode
  • In this release only changes relevant to PXA310 were made. No changes were made to the PXA300 image.
  • Updated Uboot script to operate properly with PXA310
  • Added USB device support for PXA310
  • Added Eboot option to clean registry
  • Added Eboot option to choose USB functionality
  • Added an optional application to activate Wi-Fi power save mode
  • Fixed backlight behavior after Suspend
  • Corrected static libraries use
  • Added support for PXA310 (separate image)
  • Added control of Touch sensitivity through the registry
  • Added CAB file for Video Acceleration support
  • Added a C# demo application
  • Fixed minor bugs in LCDAdapt utility
  • Fixed device power consumption in Sleep mode
  • Fixed COM C and COM D functionality
  • Fixed audio recording bug
  • Added backlight driver
  • Added SPI driver (for HW rev 1.2 and above)
  • Added catalog item to the updater to support access to computers on a network
  • Added a Battery driver
  • Added GPIO as wakeup source from suspend mode
  • Added preliminary support for QCI (Video Input)
  • Added support for the Hynix 128 MB NAND flash
  • Added support for DRAM size detection
  • Fixed the functionality of RTC for HW revision 1.2
  • Fixed the suspend/resume functionality for Wi-Fi
  • Added a FailSafe mechanism to the image updater
  • Added script mode support to the image updater
  • Fixed the loading of the MAC address from U-BOOT
  • Added a CF 3.5 catalog item
  • Added a CAB installer catalog item
  • Added touch screen support to the updater image
  • Changed relocation table handling
  • Added a U-BOOT script to set all environment variables
  • Added an LCD Adaptation utility
  • Added Touch screen functionality
  • Ethernet controller retrieves configuration from Eboot
  • Added KeyPad support
  • Fixed USB 2.0 Slave Suspend/Resume functionality
  • Added LED functionality
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth can be configured through Eboot
  • Fixed Wireless Config applet to indicate devices’ true states
  • Added Keypad configuration applet
  • Fixed audio to play stereo
  • Added relocation table creation to Eboot
  • Added desktop side driver INF for ActiveSync by Marvell
  • Added the following SubProjects:
- A2dpMgr
- RegEdit
- AutoLaunch
- TaskManager
- LookAndFeel
- KeypadAppLaunch
  • Initial Release of Windows CE package