CM-T3530: Linux: Known Issues

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  • Some Angstrom GUI setup utilities require superuser password, but do not accept it.
Workaround: login as root.
  • Sometimes the USB OTG port fails to transition from Host mode to Peripheral mode.
  • Unplug the USB cable from the CM-T3730 USB OTG port
  • Remove the USB Gadget driver module from the kernel:
root@cm-t3730:~# modprobe -r g_ether
  • Load the USB Gadget driver module again:
root@cm-t3730:~# modprobe g_ether
  • Plug the USB cable back to CM-T3730 USB OTG port
Power Management
  • After Suspend/Resume cycle, the baseboard (SB-T35/CB-T3) USB Hub becomes non functional.