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CM-A510 Linux package contents


The contents of the version.txt identifies the package version.


  • uImage-cm-a510 - ready to run Linux kernel image binary for CM-A510
  • debian-image.tar.bz2 - archive of Debian root file system
  • debian-image.ubi - ready to run Debian Linux image for installation onto CM-A510 NAND
  • bootscr.img - U-Boot script used for image installation
  • kernel.img - Kernel image used for CM-A510 Linux and Debian images installation
  • ramdisk.img - Ramdisk image used for CM-A510 Linux and Debian images installation


  • uImage- - ready to run Linux kernel for CM-A510
  • linux- - Linux kernel configuration file
  • linux- - patch vs. Linux stable kernel with support for CM-A510 peripherals
  • patches - ordered collection of patches, that form the single patch above (linux-


The utilities directory contains miscellaneous utilities useful for development

  • debian-image.cfg - configuration file used by ubinize utility for debian-image.ubi generation.
  • - TFTP server for Windows users
  • bootscr.src - U-Boot script source used for booting into the installation environment.
  • - Driver sources for support of Wireless SiP module WM-N-BM-01 used in CM-A510.

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