CL-SOM-iMX7: FreeRTOS: Known Issues

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Booting multiple images
  • Booting more than one FreeRTOS image in the same power-on session will likely not work, with only the first boot being successful. Occasionally, booting multiple images may result in a data abort.
Workaround : Reset the module between image boots.
DRAM configuration support
  • The FreeRTOS images are that use RPMSG only work on 1GB DRAM configurations. This is caused by two factors: the location of the msg buffer has to be hardcoded in FreeRTOS images, and the Linux drivers don't have full freedom to choose the location of the msg buffer. The result is that both sides can only agree on the location of the msg buffer if the memory configuration is 1GB.
Workaround : Update the location of RPMSG buffer in the FreeRTOS images by editing the values of VRING0_BASE and VRING1_BASE in middleware/multicore/open-amp/porting/imx7d_m4/platform_info.c, and update the location of RPMSG buffer on the linux side by modifying rpmsg entry in the Linux device tree (arch/arm/boot/dts/imx7d-sbc-imx7-m4.dts).