U-Boot for CM-T3517

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The CompuLab CM-T3517 module is using U-Boot boot-loader for low-level initializations and operating system loading. U-Boot is an open source firmware for wide range of embedded systems (e.g. PowerPC, ARM, MIPS, x86, ColdFire, AVR32, NIOS, etc.). On this page we will discuss only features and use cases related to CompuLab CM-T3517 module. For more information on U-Boot, please refer to Official U-Boot Homepage.




19-Nov-2015, CM-T3517 U-Boot release
U-Boot update to 2015.07-cm-t3517-2:
- Rebased on top of U-Boot v20015.07
  • 31-Jan-2012
X-Loader update to 1.51-cm-t3x-3:
- Add support for various NAND chips
  • 29-Nov-2011
X-Loader update to 1.51-cm-t3x-2:
- Rebased on top of Arago X-Loader v1.51_OMAPPSP_04.02.00.07
- Speed up loading of U-Boot
  • 16-Dec-2010
Initial release of U-Boot for CM-T3517
U-Boot 2009.11-cm-t3517-1 supports:
- USB Host on mini-USB port
- MMC/SD Card
- On SoC EMAC Ethernet
- SMC911x Ethernet chip on SB-T35
- Onboard NAND chip
- Green LED
- System revision in ATAGS