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This page contains links to information related to the Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3 demo package for the CM-T3530

CompuLab Windows CE support includes a ready to run demo image, an SDK that enables application development, and a BSP that allows you to customize the run-time image

T35 CM top.JPG

1-Aug-2011 :1.01.423 released
  • General notes:
- Based on BSquare EVM3530 6.14.0 BSP release.
  • Added/Changed features.
- Added support for EM-T3530.
- Added EBoot support for enabling/disabling of debug messages on the COM port.
- Added support for Line In audio recording.
- Added support for Samsung NAND chip (used in new batches of the CM-T3530).
- Added download progress bar in EBoot.
- Added source code support for CM-T3730 in the BSP (controlled in CM_T35_BSP.bat).
  • Bug Fixes
- Modified the Toppoly LCD reset sequence on Win CE startup.
- Fixed EBoot splash-screen parameters bug.
- Fixed SMSC Ethernet bug.
- Fixed a bug in the SDIO subsystem related to an SD Hive usage.
- Modified SPI baud rate used for touch-screen (resolves performance issues for some displays).
- Fixed a bug related to MAC address retrieval from the EEPROM.
27-Jun-2010 :1.01.360 released
  • General notes:
- Based on BSquare EVM3530 6.14.0 BSP release.
  • Bug Fixes:
- Fixed OTG bug.
- Fixed LCDAdapt bug.
- Fixed GPIO interrupt bug.
  • Added/Changed features.
- Extended available program memory.
- Added support for LVDS configuration in the registry.
- Added support for storing hive based registry on an SD card.
- Added battery supervision.
- Added memory detection.
- Enabled custom LCD settings in E-Boot.
- Added .Net wrappers for GPIO, SPI, and I2C drivers.
22-Dec-2009 :1.01.222 released
Initial release of Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3 for CM-T3530
Based on BSquare EVM3530 6.12.03 BSP release