CM-T3517: Hardware: Revision Notes

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Rev 1.2 [1-May-2012]

  • Older CM-T3517 board revisions supported only a NAND based onboard storage. Revision 1.2 of the board supports additional onboard storage options:
    1. Onboard micro-SD slot (Precludes onboard NAND storage option)
    2. Onboard NAND storage (Precludes onboard micro-SD slot option), same as with older board revisions.
  • WIFI and Bluetooth circuitry has been changed to support a different WIFI/BT combo SiP (Texas Instruments WiLink6.0 based SiP)
  • Placement of several board components has been changed to allow integration of the above changes.

For detailed revision information please see the attached document: CM-T3517

Rev 1.1 [1-Aug-2010]

  • Initial release